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Listen…there is a lot going on in the world right now. So, if you spaced on the fact that Mother’s Day hits this Sunday, May 8 (a little earlier than you might have expected), you’re not alone—and if you’ve yet to get a gift, you’re also not alone. And while you could scramble to get the matriarch in your life a bouquet of flowers and a card this Mother’s Day, we know you can do better—just like they’ve always known you can.

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With less than 36 hours to go, you might be wondering how you’ll possibly pull this off—and as always, we’re here to help. First off, if buying a card is already on your to-do list, never overlook the magic of an accompanying gift card, since truthfully, there’s a healthy chance they might not love your handpicked choice, anyway. But that doesn’t mean this year’s Mother’s Day gift can’t be unique—or from a Black-owned or founded brand. In fact, there are plenty of Black-owned and founded businesses offering options that will make them feel extra-special on Mother’s Day and any other day of the year—and make you look extra-attentive to their interests and needs. We’ve got 10 for you to consider below.



For the one with wanderlust…

Granted, this one goes better with a travel voucher or gift of airline miles, but if a couple of years of staycations aren’t nearly enough to show your appreciation for their care, consider pairing those getaway plans with a gift card from E Marie this Mother’s Day. This Oprah-endorsed brand will give them a first-class experience—even if they’re flying coach.

For the one who comes culturally correct…

If you’ve got an artiste or aesthete in your life, a year-long membership to your local museum this Mother’s Day would likely be welcome—and bonus points if it’s a Black-centric one. Most museums also boast a gift shop—like the one at Studio Museum of Harlem—so extra bonus points if you roll by to snag them something to accessorize her new membership—after all, it does have its privileges.

For the eternal learner…

They taught you everything you know, so how about helping to keep their mind sharp this Mother’s Day with a MasterClass membership? Yes, we know the platform is not Black-owned, but the streamer does boast an impressive number of Black voices and insights—including many Black mothers. Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, Nikole Hannah-Jones and more have all lent their talents and knowledge to MasterClass—and right now, certain plans are 35 percent off. So how about taking Mom back to school?


For the best cook you know—and to their health…

Whether the matriarch in your life holds the secrets to all the family recipes or could use an assist in the kitchen, we can all agree we want them to eat as healthfully as possible while enjoying themselves. Give them a loving nudge with Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family: A Cookbook by award-winning mother-and-daughter writers Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams—then join them in the kitchen for a little recipe redux.

For the one who likes to keep it green…

Reducing our carbon footprints is the best hope we can give future generations, and keeping things green at home is a great place to start. Give Mom a greener outlook this Mother’s Day with a gift card from the Black mom-founded BLK + GRN, which offers environment-friendly products across almost every category.

For the one who stays on the run…

Maybe they’re just starting a fitness journey; maybe they run marathons. Maybe they just deserve a great shoe to multitask in—or experience pregnancy in (same thing, really). We can’t think of a better tribute to the champion in your life than the Allyson Felix-founded brand Saysh, and if they’re still expecting, even better; thanks to the brand’s innovative Maternity Returns Policy, they can navigate that oft-unacknowledged gestational foot growth in style.,

For the one who does it all…

Whether they birthed you, raised you, adopted you, or were adopted by you, we can all agree that all moms are supermoms. Let them know how much you appreciate their super-powered love with a gift card from Supermom Culture, so they can let the world know they’re an everyday hero.

For the one who keeps it luxe…

We all know the phrase “treat yo’self,” but few know how to do it well—especially when they’re parenting. Remind them they deserve the best with a gift card from Thirteen Lune, the site featuring high-end Black and Brown-owned brands founded by entrepreneur and Black mom Nyakio Grieco.

For the one who stays in style…

Couture isn’t something everyone can easily access, but you can get the style maven in your life a custom fit with a made-to-measure dress from Onion Cut & Sewn. These figure-hugging styles are created with flattery in mind, so the queen in your life can shine in style.

For the eternal beauty…

Yes, we’ve heard (and know for a verifiable fact) that Black don’t crack, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require maintenance. Marjani Beauty has the beauty and skincare aficionado (or newbie) in your life covered with options across categories, all created with melanated skin in mind.

Happy Mother’s Day from theGrio!

Maiysha Kai is Lifestyle Editor of theGrio, covering all things Black and beautiful. Her work is informed by two decades’ experience in fashion and entertainment, a love of great books and aesthetics, and the indomitable brilliance of Black culture. She is also a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and editor of the YA anthology Body (Words of Change series).

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