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Public Notice Publish July 13, 2022 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 15th day of June 2022. The full text is available for public inspection in the County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. To approve the agenda with revisions. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the May 16, 2022, Emergency Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the May 17, 2022, Regular Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To approve minutes of the June 8, 2022, Emergency Meeting as submitted. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-54 supporting the 2022 State of Minnesota Annual County Boat and Water Safety Grant Contract Agreement. Motion carried. To approve filling the full-time Deputy Recorder vacancy and all subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve hiring a new Legal Administrative Assistant [slot 2013] and eliminate an Office Support Specialist [slot 2012] due to vacancy. Motion carried. To approve quote from Eagle Concrete in the amount of $12,000.00 to add entrance/exit on the south side of the Administration Building parking lot. Motion carried. To approve Resolution 22-55 supporting the recommendation of Douglas County Social Services approving PrimeWest Health as the sole Managed Care Organization (MCO) providing managed health care services in Douglas County. Motion carried. To approve the amendment to Children’s Mental Health Respite Grant. Motion carried. To approve a reallocation of a previously approved Social Worker position [slot 15086] to a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor position [slot 15083]. Motion carried. Laurie Bonds, Community Human Services Director gave an update on the changes to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. To approve the Eligibility Worker vacancy and all subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To approve the following Excavator/Landscaper licenses: • Dream Gardens, LLC.; 17243 Primrose Rd NE; Miltona, MN 56354 • Heartland Landscaping, Inc.; 21979 Franklin Rd; Clearwater, MN 55320 • K&L Excavating, LLC.; 7828 438th St; Rice, MN 56367 • Mark Boesl Excavating, LLC.; 9347 Limb Rd NW; Garfield, MN 56332 Motion carried. To approve Final Plat – BobMike Meadow {18-0654-000}. Motion carried. To approve Final Plat – Henry Fuhrman Meadow Addition {42-0063-100}. Motion carried. To approve Conditional Use Application – Nathan R Lund {45-0039-900} to allow a new 140 animal unit feedlot in the Agricultural Zoning District on Irreg part of NE4 (972.32’ W of NE cor). Section 6 (Moe Township) with conditions. Motion carried. To approve Conditional Use Application – Alexandria Pro Fab Co Inc. – owner and S & P Land Management LLC – Powers Machining– applicant {12-0422-000} to allow commercial and light industrial uses on Lots 33-36, Block 3, Riverview 1st Addn. Section 14 (Carlos Township) with the following conditions. Motion carried. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director provided an update to the Board on high water levels on County Lakes. To approve the Temporary Special Controls Amendment to Water Surface Use Ordinance No. 062309A for Lakes Brophy, Burgen, Carlos, Cowdry, Darling, Geneva, Ida, Jessie, Latoka, Le Homme Dieu, Louise, Maple, Miltona, North Union, Stony (Taylor) and Victoria. Motion carried. To approve filling a full time Office Support Specialist vacancy and any subsequent vacancies. Motion carried. To adopt Resolution 22-56 approving the Sauk River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan – 2022 Biennial Workplan. Motion carried. To approve and give Dave Rush authority to sign the Ag Association – Storm Debris Staging Agreement. Motion carried. Dave Rush, Land and Resource Management Director, provided information to the Board on the Impervious Surface Policy Memo. The County Board took a break from 1:48 p.m. to 1:52 p.m. To approve advertising for Bids: SAP 021-645-007, etc. with a bid opening date set for July 13, 2022, at 2 p.m. Motion carried. To approve compliance repairs at the Public Works Fuel Station in the amount of $19,679.99. Motion carried. To approve ordering a plow truck for the year 2024 at an estimated cost of $273,157 minus $10,000 rebate. Motion carried. To approve selling Unit #273 (2008 GMC Pickup) and keep Unit #315 (leased 2017 Chevy) in its place until the new pickups arrive. Motion carried. To approve budgeted weed removal for an approximate 200’ by 50’ area at Brophy Beach. Motion carried. Brad Bonk, Parks Superintendent, informed the Board that the Chippewa Park Grant for the Bridge was awarded. The Board discussed no parking signs in reference to the Fourth of July and that a gravel pit was identified for potential purchase. To approve the updated ARPA Workforce Program retroactive to January 1, 2022, for Alexandria Technical College. Motion carried. To pay bills in the amount of $15,771,592.02 as follows: VENDOR NAME COUNT AMOUNT OTHER VENDORS 568 $233,902.47 ALEXANDRIA LIGHT & POWER $34,366.85 ALOMERE HEALTH $23,238.68 AMAZON.COM $2,021.79 ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME LLC $9,600.00 ANOKA COUNTY TREASURY OFFICE $13,250.00 AXON ENTERPRISE INC $35,432.56 BROCK WHITE COMPANY $5,500.00 BALANCING PROFESSIONALS INC $2,500.00 BOB BARKER COMPANY INC $4,059.65 BUETOW 2 ARCHITECTS, INC. $2,134.40 CARLOS CITY TREASURER $4,000.00 CENTRAL SUSPENSIONS INC. $6,824.81 CONTEGRITY GROUP INC $7,171.60 CENTERPOINT ENERGY $27,888.12 CENTRAL SPECIALTIES INC $10,987.50 COLE PAPERS INC $2,090.49 COOKS CORRECTIONAL $2,968.85 COUNTIES PROVIDING TECHNOLOGY $6,665.00 DAIKIN APPLIED $2,850.40 DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES $2,949.90 DERBY INDUSTRIES $5,880.73 DOUGLAS COUNTY ATTORNEY $9,303.09 DOUGLAS COUNTY AUDITOR-TREASURER $2,939.23 DOUGLAS COUNTY DAC $5,942.40 DOUGLAS COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS $16,561.40 DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE $19,954.12 DUTCHER LAW OFFICE LLC $6,923.47 ENTERPRISE FLEET MANAGEMENT TRUST $26,369.56 VENDOR#XXX67 $2,197.92 FARSTAD OIL, INC $31,912.68 HUDSON TOWNSHIP TREASURER $3,751.66 HEARTLAND GIRL’S RANCH $9,780.00 HEARTLAND GLASS COMPANY, INC. $3,094.15 HEGG LAW OFFICE $9,050.00 HENRICKSEN PSG $13,544.67 HORIZON PUBLIC HEALTH $63,015.75 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS LLC $6,852.78 ISD 206 $8,439,074.35 ISD 213 $458,173.11 ISD 2149 $16,055.03 ISD 2342 $156,940.48 ISD 2908 BRANDON-EVANSVILLE SCHOOL $1,152,893.88 ISD 547 $230,906.53 JOHNSON CONTROLS INC $17,255.00 KIMLEY-HORN AND ASSOCIATES INC $5,359.19 VENDOR#XX06 $2,664.00 KNOW INK $7,250.00 KRONOS SAASHR INC $5,739.00 LAKELAND MENTAL HEALTH CENTER $127,181.70 LERETA LLC $5,247.00 LIND FAMILY FUNERAL SERVICES INC $3,200.00 MID CENTRAL DOOR COMPANY $2,148.73 MOTOROLA $556,593.59 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC $2,077.59 VENDOR#XXX68 $6,480.00 MCIT $2,500.00 MEND CORRECTIONAL CARE LLC $30,120.72 MENDED INC $2,660.46 MERIDIAN SERVICES INC $2,074.41 MORRIS ELECTRONICS INC $7,700.70 MSOP-MN SEX OFFENDER PROG-462 $15,525.00 NUTRIEN AG SOLUTIONS, INC $29,166.47 NEOGOV $17,144.76 NEXT CHAPTER TECHNOLOGY INC $112,580.00 NEXUS-MILLE LACS FAMILY HEALING $11,371.35 NOREX INC $2,300.00 NORTH CENTRAL INTERNATIONAL OF ALEX LLC $3,063.54 PITNEY BOWES $9,217.00 PLUS KIDS $2,118.69 PRESBYTERIAN FAMILY FOUNDATION (PFF) $3,654.61 PRODUCTIVE ALTERNATIVES INC $4,923.94 RAINBOW RIDER TRANSIT $3,964.02 VENDOR#XX56 $4,173.60 REM CENTRAL LAKES INC $6,329.45 RURAL MINNESOTA CEP INC $18,029.28 STATE OF MINNESOTA $3,432,189.24 SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CORPORATION $2,320.82 SWARTZ BROTHERS ASSOCIATES, INC $22,800.00 SEACHANGE PRINT INNOVATIONS $15,169.40 SERVICEMASTER OF THE LAKES AREA $11,903.48 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP $2,926.58 VENDOR#XX99 $3,027.00 THORNTON,DOLAN,BOWEN,KLECKER&BURKHAMMER $3,132.50 TK ELEVATOR CORPORATION $24,142.94 VALLEY LAKE BOYS HOME INC $6,150.00 VANTAGE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTANTS PLLC $2,793.75 VERIZON WIRELESS $5,547.58 VIKINGLAND COMMUNITY SUPPORT PROGRAM,INC $7,000.00 VOYANT COMMUNICATIONS LLC $2,417.76 WEST CENTRAL MN PETROLEUM LLC $43,220.70 WEST CENTRAL REGIONAL JUV CTR $11,253.00 VENDOR#XXX52 $6,136.16 VENDOR#XX09 $3,861.00 X-STREAM WATERJETTING LLC $4,266.25 GRAND TOTAL $15,771,592.02 Motion carried. Julie Anderson, Emergency Management Director provided an update on the recovery process for May 12th & 30th storms to the Board. To accept $1,000 gift card from Target Corporate to be used for storm recovery efforts. Motion carried. To approve the renewal of another 4-year assessing contract for the township of Alexandria. Motion carried. To approve revised Counties Providing Technology Joint Powers Agreement. Motion carried. To accept the County Commissioner Reports including the results of the information gathering or liaison activities; confirming the matters before the board necessitates the committee activity; and such activities has been authorized by the full county board. This motion also authorizes payment of such per diem and travel reimbursement as that individual Commissioners is authorized for, for in performing such duties as requested by completion of the per diem/travel voucher submitted. Motion carried. There were no items from the floor. By consensus the meeting was adjourned at 2:59 p.m. 80656


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