Make your data practically unhackable with this decentralized VPN


This hardware VPN is also a firewall.

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Cybersecurity is no joke, even if you only use the internet to browse social media and shop online. Without thorough security in place, your personal information is at risk and could be sold or used against you. And targeted ads are just annoying.

The Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN and firewall is a simple-to-use hardware virtual private network that can protect your identity online and shield you from threats. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $349.

A hardware VPN

VPNs come in hardware and software forms. The benefit of a physical VPN like the Deeper Connect Mini is that it makes fewer demands of the devices connected to it, and it’s cheaper in the long run. This VPN comes with an ARM64 four-core CPU that doesn’t make your computer power your protection. It’s like having an antivirus that will run even if your computer stops.

Plus, this subscription-free VPN uses a seven-layer firewall to protect devices connected to your network.

Parental controls, ad blocker and more

Beyond just protecting your information, the Deeper Connect Mini also gives you more control over your network. One-click parental controls let you filter unsafe web content from your child’s devices. And with multi-routing, you and every other user on your network gain an extra level of protection while browsing. It even blocks ads in web browsers.

Save on Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN

Whether you’re working from home, browsing for fun, or researching for school, your data deserves to be protected.

Protect you and your family with a VPN that you only have to buy once. Get the Deeper Connect Mini hardware VPN on sale for $349.

Prices subject to change.

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