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What is Karben wallet?

Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for crimes to be committed using data that others should not be able to access. It is not uncommon for this to be credit card data or the data on the identity card. For this very reason, more and more wallets are being equipped with RFID protection. But often these still have the potential to give criminals access. Moreover, they often do not look very nice. If you want to store your credit cards and other card formats neatly and have the right protection, you often have to dig deeper into your pockets. That is why we are introducing Karben wallet today. This is a wallet that is visually very appealing, takes up little space in the pocket and can also offer the RFID protection mentioned.


The manufacturer itself describes Karben wallet as a minimalist RFID-blocking wallet made of aluminium and carbon fibre that can keep any attacks at bay. It is slimmer, smarter and more secure than other products and also looks damn good. The manufacturer puts the following features in the foreground:

  1. it can hold up to 12 cards.
  2. it is made of carbon fibre plates, which are usually found in the military sector
  3. it has an integrated money clip with elastic band
  4. it has the desired RFID blocking feature
  5. it also has an integrated carrying loop or key loop

As a bonus, the manufacturer adds a label sticker to the Karben wallet at no extra charge. Overall, the wallet has all the features you would expect from a modern wallet. This makes it an indispensable way for many people to carry money and cards on the go and not even to damage their back pocket. This is because it suffers from the usual way of carrying a wallet. Karben wallet is flatter and much more compact and can also be carried in a trouser pocket. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)


Why do I need this wallet?

The Karben wallet appeals to practically everyone who is looking for a good alternative to the ordinary wallet that has RFID protection. This includes both young and old alike. Basically, all those who have tried another alternative before but were not so satisfied with it can also use the Karben wallet. The wallet offers all the requirements that one expects from a modern wallet and also provides the necessary protection. Men and women are equally enthusiastic. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

Karben wallet Rating and recommendation

We would very much like to recommend Karben wallet to others, as we believe that the wallet does a good job of protecting itself and that it is very easy to take with you on the road. In our test, it was very convincing and it has already made a positive impression on other users. So we think it should be tried by everyone who is looking for an alternative to the usual wallet. This is a high-quality model that not only allows you to carry up to 12 cards, but also money.


Practically packed into the smallest of spaces, it even fits into a normal trouser pocket. It doesn’t really get any better than this.


Karben wallet technical facts

As far as the technical features of the Karben wallet are concerned, the manufacturer hardly gives any information. Nevertheless, we have compiled what we could find to give you a closer look at the wallet:

  • Made of high-quality carbon fibre, which is used in the military.
  • Base frame consists of an aluminium frame
  • Is very durable due to its construction
  • Scratch-proof, resistant to fingerprints and can securely protect all cards
  • Integrated RFID blocking layer protects sensitive data from digital thieves
  • Fits in any pocket
  • Holds up to 12 cards and cash

As you can see, Karben wallet actually has all the technical features required of a good wallet. Not only that it can hold up to 12 cards. The integrated RFID protects against digital theft and, in addition, the wallet is very stable because it is made of a mixture of aluminium and carbon fibres. All in all, you can’t complain here. Click here and discover the current discount!

What are the Karben wallet quality features?

We wanted to take a detailed look at Karben wallet and ordered and tested the wallet with the special protection ourselves. Ordering on the manufacturer’s website was easy in any case, because we were able to choose one between different offers and had financial advantages. The ordering process itself was very simple and was completed after just a few minutes. When Karben wallet arrived, we first convinced ourselves of its features and workmanship. The wallet seems to be well made and therefore delivers a solid image. The cards and even banknotes could be accommodated in it without any problems, so everything looked very compact in the end. Many men put the wallet in the back pocket of their jeans. But Karben wallet is so compact that you have no problem putting it in the front pocket. This makes much more sense anyway because you can’t lose it so easily. Overall, the wallet made a very good first impression.

So we also tried it out in everyday use. Here, Karben wallet convinced us with its easy handling. In general, we were very convinced by the concept and could also notice the RFID blocking layer. We had hired a specialist to check whether the Karben wallet really delivers what it promises. He walked past us with digital devices, but could not intercept any data. That was exactly the purpose of the purse. So we can only give Karben wallet a good rating and think that you can’t go wrong with the purchase. We are happy to recommend it to others.

General Karben wallet opinions


When researching the Karben wallet, we naturally also looked for the opinions of others and wanted to know how well they got on with the product. The testimonials that we were able to find were consistently positive and thus a high level of satisfaction was noticeable. Most of them liked to use Karben wallet on the go and preferred to put it in the side pocket instead of the back pocket. The RFID protection was one of the decisive criteria for most people to purchase the product. The fact that you can also take a few notes with you when you go out with Karben wallet was also rated as very advantageous. Of course, for some it was a downer that no coins can be inserted, but for those who mostly pay by card, it is an optimal alternative. We could not find any really negative reports. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Karben Wallet

Where can I order Karben wallet?

The best way to order Karben wallet is directly from the manufacturer, who has his own website on the internet, where an online shop is also integrated. Here you will not only find carbs per se, but also special offers that you can take advantage of and gain financial benefits from. To order the wallet, simply select the appropriate offer and then enter your data in the adjacent order form. A short time later, you can also choose how you would like to pay for the whole thing. There are many different options available. These include credit card and Paypal. After the order has been placed, you will receive an e-mail with an overview. This way you don’t lose track of what you have ordered. Another e-mail is sent when the parcel is on its way. You can then check online when exactly it will arrive.

Another advantage of ordering directly from the manufacturer is the offers. These are designed in such a way that you can use them easily and get several Karben wallet versions at once. Although you pay a higher price overall, you are on the advantageous side mathematically. Because within the framework of the offers, a wallet then costs less than when ordered individually. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to take advantage of the offers. However, there is one drawback: they only last for a certain period of time. Once they have expired, it is not entirely clear whether they will return again, and if so, in what form. We therefore always advise you to take advantage of them when you have the opportunity. And then you have more space for even more cards. Or perhaps you can give a Karben wallet model as a gift and make someone else happy with it.


— Get the best price right here —


Who is the provider of the product?

The Karben wallet provider is a company with the following address: 


Suite 3A Middletown

New Castle DE 19709

There is even a telephone number for the United States and Canada: 866 206 1457. You can order Karben wallet on the following website: https://www.karbenwallet.com/.

Here you can also find the offers mentioned above, which you can use to your advantage.

General information about wallets and RFID

Wallets in general are always a beneficial thing because you always have your cash and cards at a glance. Most men put them in their back pocket to take them with them. Unfortunately, data theft happens all the time when some thieves walk by with electronic devices and read the data in their wallets. In doing so, they gain access to credit card data, identity card data and more. This can be a real disaster, at the latest when someone uses this data to order something on the Internet. To avoid this, most wallet manufacturers combine their products with protection that prevents access to the data. However, these wallets are usually very expensive, don’t look good and are also difficult to carry around.

A good alternative is therefore Karben wallet. Because within this wallet you get all the features that make it simply advantageous to take along. It is compactly built, made of high-quality materials and can offer the necessary protection from which one can protect oneself in case of data theft. Therefore, it is definitely a recommendation for anyone who is looking for good protection, but also looks good to boot.

Known FAQ about this product

In this last section we would like to answer the last questions that might have arisen while reading. In this way, we would like to bring Karben wallet even closer to you, so that you can perhaps make your decision even more easily.

  • Q: Is it also possible to put Karben wallet in the back pocket without any problems?
  • A: Although many men prefer to put Karben wallet in their side trouser pocket, it is also possible to put it in the back pocket. The wallet is very flexible, thanks to the carbon fibre. The manufacturer is even so convinced of it that he says other wallets broke in the back pocket, while his product still lasted a long time.
  • Q: How big and heavy is Karben wallet actually?
  • A: It measures 8 x 61 x 86 mm and weighs only 60 grams. So it can easily be taken along.
  • Q: Are batteries needed when using it?
  • A: No, batteries are not required.
  • Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • A: Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not indicate whether there is a money-back guarantee. If you receive the product and are not satisfied, it is best to contact the supplier and try to return the product. However, there is no guarantee.
  • Q: What does the smartphone have to do with Karben wallet?
  • A: Whoever buys the product has the option of creating access to the cards within the wallet on their own mobile phone. This makes it possible, for example, to pay for things on the go for which you would actually have to whip out your credit card. This step is omitted when using the product and thus there is another advantage to owning it. At the same time, however, the possibility that someone else could gain access to the wallet is denied, so everything is safe.
  • Q: Is the product exclusively designed for men?
  • A: Although the manufacturer primarily targets men, women can also benefit from the features. After all, they too sometimes have far too many cards in their wallets that they would like to put compactly in their pockets. Accordingly, women could also make use of the offer.
  • Q: What payment options does the manufacturer offer?
  • A: In addition to Paypal and credit card, Apple Pay and credit card are also offered as payment methods. So the customer is quite sure that his payment will arrive and at the same time has access to uncomplicated methods that are quite easy to handle when ordering.

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