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Instagram’s Music feature has been a game changer for those who love to upload content with music. Thanks to this feature, all your videos can have a suitable song in the background. Sometimes, due to some reason, you may find that Instagram Music doesn’t work.


If that’s the case with you, this guide will help you troubleshoot the underlying problems. By the end of this guide, you will have a solution to get Instagram Music on track.


1. Update Instagram

One possible reason you can’t use the Music feature is that your Instagram app is outdated. In such an app version, you won’t find the “Add Music” option while uploading a story. You can update the app on your phone from your respective app store to fix the issue.


To update the Instagram app, go to Play Store/App Store > Search Instagram > Open it and tap the Update button.

If the app requires an update, you will see the Update button. If not, it will show the Open option. After updating, restart the app.


You will be able to see the Add Music option after updating Instagram to the latest version. Moreover, items preventing Instagram Music from working correctly are also resolved when a newer app version is introduced.

2. Log Out and Back Into Instagram

Logging into Instagram

If Instagram Music is not working on your phone, perhaps you need to start a new session. Your data and cache files within the current session might have a glitch or are unsupportive of Instagram Music.

To log out of your Instagram account, open Instagram > Go to Profile > Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner > Select Settings and then Log Out.

Start a new session by logging back into your account. You should now see the Add Music option. Logging out doesn’t mean that your data will be lost. You can resume the activity as usual, but your profile will likely show the Add Music option after that.

Still no luck? Well, we are not out of options yet.

3. Use a VPN

Phone is VPN protected

VPN is a tunnel to protect the privacy of your network. Apps like Instagram track your location and provide the services available within that particular region.

You might not have the Instagram Music option because of your current location or network settings. Most apps provide services based on consumption ratio, and Instagram is no different.

Instagram Music was initially available in a few countries, like the United States, France, Germany, and Sweden, but was later updated for most countries around the globe.

If Instagram Music is not available in your country, all you have to do is wait for the service to be available. You can also try connecting your phone to a VPN and setting your location where Instagram Music is available, such as New York City.

Turning on your VPN will shield your IP address. This can help you use the Instagram Music option where the service is unavailable.

You should select an appropriate VPN network matching your requirements, as there are many free and paid options available. Try some of the fastest VPN options and enjoy your Instagram experience.

4. Change Your Instagram Account Settings

Private Instagram accounts may not have certain features that Professional accounts have. This might be why the Instagram Music option isn’t visible on your profile. By changing the account settings, you might be able to access the Instagram Music button.

Just changing your Private account to a Public one won’t do. Switch to Professional Instagram account to access the content creator features. This resolves the issue in most cases. If you are particular about your account privacy, switch back to Private account after using the feature.

To change your Instagram account from Private to Professional:

  1. Tap your profile picture to open your Instagram Profile.
  2. Open the menu from three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Account and scroll down until you see Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Open Switch to Professional Account and tap Continue.
  6. Select a suitable category from What Best Describes You? and tap Next.
  7. Choose Creator from the Are You a Creator? menu and select Next.
  8. Follow your favorite accounts from Get Inspired.
  9. Let your friends know about your account from Grow Your Audience.
  10. Tap Introduce Yourself to add your first post as a creator.

You will get access to all the features of a Professional Instagram account. This is a temporary fix, but it helps users gain access to unavailable features for a particular time.

5. Reinstall Instagram on Your iPhone or Android Phone

When nothing seems to be working, try uninstalling the app. You can reinstall Instagram by going to the App Store or Google Play Store. Reinstalling the app deletes the corrupt files that might be preventing Instagram Music from functioning properly.

Reinstalling also updates the app to the latest version (if available), providing you with the Instagram Music feature.

Download: Instagram for iOS | Android

6. Use Instagram Help Center

Your last resort is to contact Instagram Help Center to get the issue resolved. Instagram has dedicated support that resolves users’ concerns and issues. This support contains generic questions and their possible solutions.

Unable to find the answer to your query there? Try reporting the problem through the Instagram app. To do that:

  1. Open Instagram and tap the three horizontal lines on your Profile.
  2. Tap the Settings option and select Help.
  3. Next, choose Report a Problem. Users can also report problems by shaking the phone when an issue arises on the app.
  4. Tap Report Problem Without Shaking and then Include and Continue.
  5. Write down your issue. Select Upload to add relevant media, such as screenshots.
  6. After completing the report, press Send.

Instagram will look at your report and get back to you with a possible solution.

Bring Your Instagram Music Back on Track

Instagram Music is an interesting feature for people who love to create engaging content. Sometimes, this feature does not work correctly on your phone. With a few simple fixes, users can resolve the issue of Instagram Music not appearing.

You can start by changing your location using a VPN. Another way is to restart or reinstall the app. Users who feel nothing is working can contact Instagram Help Center to find a viable solution. We hope that this guide helps you revive your Instagram Music features.

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