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Check Incognito vs VPN – The Best Way to Browse Privately

Some people think that they don’t need to use a virtual private network when it comes to keeping their browsing session private. A feature is offered in each browser that allows them to hide their browsing activities on their desktop or mobile devices. This feature is known as private or incognito browsing feature. By using this feature, you can browse privately without leaving a history on your browser. But is it enough to keep your privacy during your browsing activities? The answer might surprise you. If you think that using incognito mode is equivalent to using a VPN and you think that it offers enough privacy for your browsing activities, then you are wrong. VPN offers much more security and privacy features compared to incognito mode or private browsing.


In fact, the incognito mode in your browser offers only a fraction of the functionality that the private network can offer you. While VPN and Incognito modes provide privacy features for their users, the level of privacy features is different for each of them. The private network provides the privacy features for the users in every browsing session they have. When they connect to the virtual private network, the connection itself is encrypted, so no third party can monitor their browsing activity. This includes the government, corporations, hackers, and ISPs. Incognito mode, on the other hand, offers users privacy only when they use private browsing mode and can only hide users’ browsing activity. The user’s connection is not encrypted and the government or ISP can still track their browsing activity.

Difference between incognito mode and a VPN

Browsing in incognito mode:

If you are in the incognito/private mode of your browser, the data of the websites you visit will not be saved: no addresses, no cookies, none of the data or credentials you entered to log in. Your browser does not “remember” the websites you have visited, so they will not appear in your history or “Recent Visits” tab, as doing so will delete them.

If someone else is using your computer/laptop, they won’t see which websites you’ve visited in incognito mode. However, your IP and online activities remain visible to others: your Wi-Fi network administrators, people who share a Wi-Fi network with you (for example, in a coffee shop), businesses, governments, hackers and your internet service provider. In incognito/private mode you do not browse anonymously. You are simply hiding from someone who has physical access to your computer/laptop: spouse, children, parents.

Browsing with a VPN

The best way to be online without being seen is by using a VPN. It encrypts all your data and gives you an IP address that cannot be traced back to you. You may find this useful in many situations other than browsing anonymously. For example, when you shop online (to protect your credit card information), when you use public Wi-Fi (to prevent others from snooping on your device or stealing your personal information), when you try to access geo-restricted content, or get better deals for some product or service (airline tickets, hotel reservations and more).


Developed by security experts, Bitdefender Premium VPN is easy to set up and use. It gives you the security and privacy features you need to stay anonymous and safe online. When you sign up for our premium VPN service, you get military-grade encryption for your data. Neither the government, your ISP nor third parties can track, monitor or hack your activity.

Final words: Incognito vs VPN – The Best Way to Browse Privately

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