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Check How to Use a VPN on Roku

Roku is currently the second most popular streaming device after Amazon Fire TV. The company has more than 51 million active accounts, with users streaming almost 58 billion hours of content in 2020. Roku launched in 2012 as a streaming media box and has now released the fifth generation of the device, and the company continues to grow and provide us with better and better technology. One of the latest innovations, Roku TV, hasn’t been around for long and has already displaced older competitors like Samsung and LG. Consumers appreciate the fact that Roku TVs are affordable and simple.


With a Roku device, you can access a variety of streaming platforms, including Netflix. However, it is excluded from thousands of TV channels and apps due to geo-blocks. Roku is a family of streaming media players that allows you to watch content from platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others.

It is a small device that you can connect to any TV to turn it into a smart TV. Roku devices are not just for watching TV, but also for listening to music and playing games. If you have a smart TV, Roku makes your life so much easier: you have access to many more channels and many extra features, without the clutter that comes with a smart TV interface. Roku offers everything cord cutters need at an affordable price.


How to use a VPN on Roku

Install a VPN on Roku

First, let’s clear things up a bit: Roku devices don’t actually support VPN or Smart DNS functionality, which means the only way to use a VPN for Roku is to install one on your router. Sure, it’s an extra step, but it’s worth having a VPN installed on your router, regardless of whether you want to use it on your Roku or not.

By setting up a VPN on your router, you can instantly cover all your connected devices, from your laptops to your smartphones (and even your smart fridge), all internet-enabled devices can instantly benefit from using VPN.

Set up a VPN on your router


If you want to manually set up a VPN on your router, you must first make sure that your router is VPN-enabled. Please note that not all routers are VPN enabled. Also, the installation process often differs from router to router, so one set of instructions may not work for another device. If your router does not support VPN functionality, you can often install new firmware that essentially “flashes” the router. One of the most common methods is to install an open source firmware, namely DD-WRT or Tomato, to allow your router to run VPN.

(Note that this process can permanently damage your router if not done correctly. See our installation guide for more tips on how to install a VPN on your router.) Another option is to choose a VPN that offers preconfigured router apps. If you are worried about upgrading your router or don’t want to deal with the cumbersome installation process. As our highest rated VPN provider, they offer the best all-round service for the asking price. Additionally, the company offers its own router apps for easy installation.

Of course, if for some reason you prefer not to connect your VPN to your router, you can set up a virtual router to use Roku with a VPN. All you need is a VPN connection, a Mac or Windows device, and an open Wi-Fi hotspot.

Set up a virtual router with a VPN

This option is arguably a bit easier, but it does require a few more steps. First, use your PC or Mac to set up a VPN connection. (You can read our instructions here). Then open your VPN app and share your Wi-Fi network. Windows users can do this by opening Run and pressing Windows + R. Then open your connection settings and find the network option with the appropriate VPN. Now right-click on the connection, scroll down to Properties and click Allow other network users to connect using this computer’s Internet connection.

Mac users go to the Sharing menu and check the box next to the Internet Sharing option. A pop-up window should automatically appear to confirm your selection. Click Start and open your menu bar. If you did everything correctly, a green light should appear next to Internet sharing status in your sharing menu. If your Wi-Fi hotspot is enabled, just connect with your Roku. Once connected, your Roku should be covered by the VPN.

Use a VPN with Roku

Now that your VPN is connected, you can enjoy Roku on a whole new level. To do this, you first need to make sure your VPN and Roku are set to the same location. While there are a variety of options, we’ll stick with UK and US streams for now. If you’re in a different country, you can set your VPN to stream content directly from the US first, make sure you be connected to a VPN connection in the US. Then configure your Roku settings by going to on the device you connected to the VPN.

If you haven’t set up an account yet, you can do so now. Be sure to configure your settings for the US New users will be prompted to enter a zip code. Enter a US ZIP code and continue. You can now use your VPN to stream American content on Roku. To sign in from another location in the world, you may need to factory reset your Roku. Once the settings are reset, simply use your VPN to connect to the desired server location, enter the appropriate location in your Roku menu, and enjoy region-free streaming.

Final words: How to Use a VPN on Roku

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