How to Buy Crypto with a Debit Card? Top 6 Ways to Do It Quickly



It’s been a while since the only way to purchase crypto was connecting to some trader at Bitcoin forums or IRC chats. With the beginning of the crypto hype, getting a coin became as easy as any online shopping. Today you can purchase bitcoin with a debit card, credit card, or a wallet like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill. 


In this overview, you will read about how to buy bitcoin using a debit card. All platforms don’t only allow you to purchase coins, but also use integrated exchanges. Besides, they offer reasonable fees and feature easy-to-use interfaces: even the novice won’t get confused. So, here is the list of sites where you can buy bitcoin online with a debit card:


  1. — Best for quick transactions

  2. — Best for regular purchases

  4. — Best for anonymous transactions 

  6. — Best for profitable rates

  7. — Best for rates choice

  8. — Best for traders






2.49% PayBis fee + $10/4,5%/up to 6,5% card processing fees + 4,5%-8.99% miner fee depending on your currency

Fast credit and debit card transactions, regulated by the FCA, covers more 180 countries

Up to 3,90% fee for buy transactions + 5% momentum fee for debit card transactions

Convenient verification, easy-to-use interface, fast transactions, loyalty program

5% (no less than $10) processing fee plus 1% Changenow fee

Large choice of cryptocurrencies and fiats, no registration and verification required, good rates

Before you choose the best place to buy bitcoin with a debit card, you might want to know a bit more about the process. It might slightly differ from platform to platform, but usually involves the same steps. To start, you need to register and verify your identity, and then complete your purchase. Here is the most common way to buy cryptocurrency with a debit card:Buying Crypto with a Debit Card: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on the platform. Most of them require your valid email address and phone number.

  2. Find the ‘Debit card to bitcoin’ option at the platform.

  3. Choose currency and enter the amount in this currency. Most sites will automatically show how much of a Bitcoin you will get for this amount. Some of them will immediately include fees.

  4. Enter your Bitcoin wallet number.

  5. Enter your debit card details: number, expiration date, and CVC/CVV code.

  6. Your cryptocurrency will appear in your wallet. It might take from five minutes to a couple of days, depending on a platform.

You can often buy bitcoins with a debit card right after you register at the site. However, some of them require extra steps to verify your identity. Verification implies that you send a clear copy of your photo id, your selfie with it, and your address proof: like the latest utility bill.

Buy Crypto Safely: Top 6 Platforms

Paybis – Best for quick transactions

Paybis is a popular Scotland-based exchange for casual crypto holders and professional traders. It serves 180 countries and works with 47 fiat currencies. A simple and very straightforward form allows you to buy crypto with a debit card, and other methods. These methods include credit cards, bank transfer,s or e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. The most convenient thing about Paybis is that you receive your coins almost instantly: from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. Besides, the whole deal is not limited to bitcoins: you can select from approximately thirty coins. Among them are Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Tether, and more.

Another great Paybis feature: it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Overall, it is a safe and user-friendly place to buy, sell, and exchange cryptos. 

Buying Crypto

So how can you buy crypto with a debit card via PayBis? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Register at the platform.

  2. Verify your account: send your photo ID, a selfie with your ID, and your address proof.

  3. Go to the Paybis main page. You will see a form for purchasing crypto using fiat.

  4. Select the Credit/Debit card payment option in the ‘You spend’ window. Enter the amount in your currency: USD, EUR, GBP, or other.

  5. Select a coin you want to purchase in the ‘You receive’ window. Paybis will automatically show you how much you will get in BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

  6. Confirm your email address: you will receive a confirmation code to your email.

  7. Enter your crypto wallet address.

  8. Enter your card details: cardholder name, number, expiration date, and a CVV code.

  9. Press the Pay button. Allow up to five minutes, and you will see your coins appear in your crypto wallet.


Paybis has three types of fees:

  • • PayBis fee which is 2,49% for card purchases. You don’t pay this fee when you make your very first trade;

  • • A card processing fee. This fee varies depending on your location from 4,5% (for the USA) to 6,5% for other countries. The minimum card processing fee is $10;

  • • Miner’s fee. Depends on your currency and might vary from 4,5%-8.99%.

Coinmama — Best for regular purchases

Coinmama buying crypto interface

Coinmama is another currency exchange allowing you to make a debit card to Bitcoin and other altcoins transactions. Besides, you can opt for Apple Pay and Google Pay methods plus bank transfers. Like Paybis, Coinmama features an intuitive interface, transparent fees, and fast trades. You can get your crypto within ten minutes after you verify your account. 

Among the other Coinmama pros are its helpful customer service, available 24/7, and a loyalty program that allows you to reduce fees. You can purchase coins via a website or opt for an Android app. Coinmama works with a limited number of currencies. They are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tezos, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, Uniswap.

Buying Crypto

The process is simple:

  1. Register at the platform.

  2. Verify your account: send your photo ID, a selfie with your ID, and your address proof. You can conveniently do it via a mobile phone without downloading any apps.

  3. Go to the Buy section. You will see a form for purchasing crypto using fiat.

  4. Select the Credit/Debit card payment option. Enter the amount in your currency.

  5. Enter your crypto wallet address.

  6. Enter your card details: cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and a CVV code.

  7. Press the Pay Now button. Allow up to ten minutes, and you will see your coins appear in your crypto wallet.


Coinmama offers a loyalty program and your status in this program affects every fee type. The three loyalty statuses are:

  • • Curious: Less than $5,000 in transactions within 90 days;

  • • Enthusiast: More than $5,000 in transactions within 90 days;

  • • Believer: More than $18,000 in transactions within 90 days or more than $50,000 overall.

There are two fee types: a card processing fee and a momentum fee for bank card payments. Only the first fee varies depending on your loyalty program tier:

  • • Curious: 3,90% processing fee for buy transactions + 5% momentum fee for debit and credit card transactions.

  • • Enthusiast: 3,41% processing fee for buy transactions + 5% momentum fee for debit and credit card transactions.

  • • Believer: 2,93% processing fee for buy transactions + 5% momentum fee for debit and credit card transactions. — Best for anonymous transactions

Changenow buying crypto interface

Changenow features an unlimited crypto exchange and options to buy or sell altcoins for fiat. It works with more than 350 cryptocurrencies and about 60 fiats. It doesn’t require a registration for buying Bitcoin with a debit card. The same is with the other cryptocurrencies, so you can complete your transaction within a couple of seconds. However, you can opt for a premium account if you need more extended trading features.

Changenow has excellent reviews from hundreds of customers so it is evidently a reliable platform. What is more, it usually offers very profitable currency exchange rates and pretty competitive fees. It is a great choice if you want to keep your identity safe. It doesn’t require you to register and verify your account. So, all you need is to complete a purchase like if you visited a regular online shop.

Buying Crypto

If you need to quickly swap USD, EUR, or other fiats to crypto, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose Buy/Sell crypto in the window on the main page. Choose a currency pair and indicate how much you want to spend in fiat. Press the Buy button.

  2. Enter your crypto wallet in a field on the next step. Confirm the transaction.

  3. Enter your card details to proceed with a payment. You’ll get your funds within 5-10 minutes.


Changenow charges two types of fees for purchasing crypto for fiats:

  • • Processing fee. 5% of the transaction amount but no less than $10;

  • • Changenow service fee. 1% for all transactions.

The final amount you will get will already include all fees; there is no price breakdown when you make a purchase. — Best for profitable rates

Changelly buying crypto interface

Changelly is a great choice if you want to find the best available rate for your currency and country. Changelly allows you to choose between several payment infrastructures. They are Moonpay, Banxa, Simplex, and Indacoin. You can compare them all and opt for the most profitable one. You see the TrustPilot rating of every service, fiat payment options, and the amount of crypto you will get, with all fees included. The number of available payment gateways depends on the country you selected. 

Changelly supports almost all countries and fiats, and works with most cryptocurrencies. However, you can face some transaction limits. For instance, US customers can buy crypto equal to no more than $50 for the first time. The next transaction is allowed only after four days; it can not exceed $100. The third one has a limit of $500, but then all limits are over.

Buying Crypto

All payment gateways imply you need to register. For instance, here is a brief guide for MoonPay:

  • Select the Buy tab on the main page.

  • • Enter the amount you want to pay in fiat. Choose your preferred fiat currency.

  • • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase.

  • • Select your country and state if you are from the USA.

  • • Choose a payment provider from the list. Click the Buy Now button next to your choice.

  • • Enter your crypto wallet address. Click the Go To Payment Button.

  • • The site will redirect you to the registration page. Indicate your email address and a valid phone number.

  • • After you sign up, choose a payment method, and enter your card details. Allow up to several minutes before the funds appear in your wallet.


Changelly’s fees include a gateway, a service fee, and a card network commission:

  • • Changelly’s fee: $9,42, for all payment options;

  • • Gateway fee: 1,99%;

  • • Network fee: $4,88. — Best for rates choice

Paxful buying crypto interface

Paxful works as a peer-to-peer exchange and offers a vast selection of payment options. Besides a debit card, you can use e-wallets, online and cash transfers like Western Union, gift cards, and more. Overall, there are approximately 350 available payment methods. It allows you to sell and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether for any world currency. The minimum purchase is $10

When you enter how much crypto you want to purchase, you get a large list of traders available for deals in your country. You can filter the list by accepted payment methods, rates, and user types. The user type category is about how much you can trust a trader. For instance, you can choose only corporate accounts, or Power Traders — the ones who perform more than 250 trades within 90 days. Besides, you can read detailed info on every trader and user feedback on them before you proceed with your purchases. Some traders require verification, but there are many quick trade offers for new users who didn’t verify their accounts.

Buying Crypto

To purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether, you need to sign up first. You will need to indicate your phone, email, and ID copy. After you sign up, you will automatically get back to the page of your trade. You can also create a crypto wallet at Paxful if you don’t have one. To buy crypto, do the following:

  1. Go to the main page of the site and find the Buy form;

  2. Select your payment method;

  3. Indicate how much you want to pay;

  4. Choose cryptocurrency you need to buy;

  5. Press the Find Offers button;

  6. Compare various offers and choose one. Press the Buy button next to a selected offer;

  7. Read the trade terms and press the Buy Now button. It will start a chat with a trader. They can ask you for some additional verification and will give you instructions on how to buy coins;

  8. After the trade is complete, you will see your crypto in your wallet. 


As a P2P exchange, Paxful doesn’t charge any commissions for buy transactions. You can face some fees if you opt for the other services, though. — Best for traders

Bitfinex interface

Bitfinex is a crypto exchange that mainly targets professional traders. Still, it has a straightforward option solution for obtaining crypto via a debit card. The exchange remains one of the top five world platforms and maintains a very high security level. Due to several big hacks in the past, Bitfinex has become one of the safest exchanges today. 

Its main features are a customizable interface and a big selection of currencies. Besides, if you purchase crypto tokens and leave them in your Bitfinex account, you can earn up to 16,74% in rewards.

Buying Crypto

To buy crypto a Bitfinex, do the following:

  1. Sign up and verify your account. Note that verification might take up to a week or so;

  2. Go to the Deposit page and choose Bank cards;

  3. Choose a payment gateway: Mercuryo, OWNR or Simplex. If you have a Basic verification level, you will only have Mercuryo as an option;

  4. Choose cryptocurrency and a wallet;

  5. Enter your card details to complete the purchase. 

As the funds appear on a Bitfinex wallet, you may need to withdraw them to some third-party one.

  1. Go to the Withdrawal page;

  2. Choose cryptocurrency;

  3. Indicate a third-party wallet address and the number of tokens;

  4. Press the Withdraw funds button. Allow up to 12 hours before your coins go to Blockchain and reach you.


Bitfinex doesn’t charge fees for buy transactions, so all you need to note is the exchange rate. The exchange is not transparent with its commissions, so they can hide fees in the final amount.


Where to buy Bitcoins with a debit card?

There are a variety of decent platforms, and most of them allow you to get coins within several minutes. You can opt for one from our review, or choose an alternative, but make sure you are dealing with a reliable place.

Is it safe to purchase crypto via a debit card?

Check if a platform uses all modern security protocols and certificates and has positive customer reviews. If so, you can safely enter your card details to get your crypto. 

How much does it take to buy crypto with a debit card?

In most cases, the transaction doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes. However, most platforms require account verification, which might take up to several days.

Final Words

Bank card payments have become common at most exchanges, so this overview gives you just a few of all possible options. Still, you can count on these picks as on trusted, reliable, and safe platforms. Most platforms require verification, so mind it before you choose your best place to buy Bitcoin with a debit card. All the exchanges in the list are straightforward enough even for a novice. Besides, they have more features you may want to learn as you continue diving into the world of crypto.

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