December’s needs for our community, plus information about taxes and donations



Tax information: There have been posts on Twitter and elsewhere about the new regulations for transferring money. Previously, we knew that Go Fund Me reports money collected as taxable. Now I’m seeing posts saying that most money transfer platforms will report anything totaling more than $600 in a calendar year. I’ve looked that up here, at the bar association website. It seems that Friends and Family is still exempt from reporting; it only applies to purchases. Be sure you check the appropriate box when sending via a money transfer platform.


Some of our own community members aren’t doing well. Members are still here, still worried about how they will manage. Take a look, see if there’s a person or two who you feel you can help.

These community members need a little push to get over a hump. Maybe it’s an unexpected medical bill. Maybe there’s a life situation that has come up and requires resources beyond regular income. Maybe they just got behind and need help getting their footing again. For whatever reason they need help, Wednesdays are the day the Street Prophets diary focuses on those needs. Maybe you’ve skipped over this weekly diary, thinking the little you can give won’t make a difference. But you don’t have to meet a person’s entire need. If we all join together, the small amounts each person can contribute will add up to enough to make a difference in someone’s life. Even $2 or $5 or $10, when added to the mickle that others give, can be all that it takes.


Community Needs List as of 12/07/22. Fundraisers who want a diary to be or stay on the list: PLEASE kosmail requests and donations received to njm5000 by Tuesday evening to be included on the Wednesday morning updated list.

Living on the financial edge—need help? Check out the Helping Directories before your next emergency.

Housing and Living Expenses Fundraisers and Other Links

Rule of Clawposted a diary Monday. He is disabled and his wife needs a kidney. He also needs daily living money. You can subscribe to his weekly newsletter The Claw News and/or donate to his GFM here.

morgansmomneeds help towards major car repairs and moving to a better environment. $8000 7950 7900 7850 7750 7725 7615 7605 7565 7465 7415 7375 7275 7175 7025 6920 6820 6570 6470 63606350 Turns out the car needs a front end rebuild, so repairs are on hold, til more $ is raised. 🙂 •  Visit the KoFi page to see some cool artwork & donate! • PayPal: wingednag at gmail dot com.

DHfromKY—is looking to raise $2450 1950 1830 1720 1685 1585 1385 1285 1180 1170 960 860 750 735 725 690 for rent and other necessities. Against the wall, again… PayPal is dharden40219 at yahoo dot com—select “Send to a friend”, and PayPal doesn’t charge a fee.

J Graham“Your child has mental health issues.” But you’re a fighter. “It’s cancer.” But you’re a fighter…She’s sleeping in a tent! (Cats, music, and a chance to help a deserving Daily Kos member). The goal is $14,000 9944 9534 8884 8859 8709 8684 4448 4348 4323 4223 4213 3913 to cover first and last month rent, security deposit, some medical expenses, utility bills, and moving costs. She has a Mighty Cause fundraiser, and PayPal at: jgraham4healthcare at gmail dot com

michelewln—Her social security money didn’t get deposited, and she can’t pay rent.
PayPal: michelewilson327 at gmail dot com.

Wired Wolfneeds about $3000 2960 2800 2600. Helping support Mom “…on one full time retail wage…and living on credit cards through Covid have suddenly caught up with us bigtime–I’m in way over my head right now…we’re still waiting for our utility-assistance appeal and my student loan servicer never paused IBR payments. Paypal is paypal dot me/WiredWolf

anotherdemocrat—has a diary up: Anyone know where I can find a 2nd job? She’s in Austin and is suddenly $24000 in debt, mainly due to an HOA assessment! From the diary: “So, $24,000 is more money than I can ask even a big community like Daily Kos to donate. I have a venmo: at Becky-Helton, and Cashapp: $B3ckyHelt0n, if anyone wants to help with next month’s payments but for a big total like that, I need a 2nd job. My day job is M-F from 8-5, so it would have to be evenings & weekends.” and “Skills: writing, 20+ years of customer service work, super reliable…”

gtghawaiiNeeds $550 315 to get the car out of the shop. Diary The work has been done and it still has problems. The bill needs to be paid so it can be taken for further diagnosis.… • paypal @SCarpio

Kos Katalogue 2022 is hereplease Kosmail CathyM or BeadLady if you have corrections or additions.

Seriously, if you haven’t looked through the Kos Katalogue recently, do that now. Even if you don’t know you’re looking for something, it’s in here. I buy almost nothing beyond food and pet food, but I found a thing or two that I know I’m going to have to gift to someone this holiday season.

It seems life is catching up with some of our people. We’ve had some progress; we’ve had more requests. Others have had significant help, but they still need a push to get through to the end. Harp Player’s mother is now COVID+. Others on the list are still in real need. As you see, they still need help.


When sending via PayPal, be sure to select “Send to family/friend” to avoid fees on either end. Be aware, both donor and recipient, that GFM not only charges fees, but also money received through that platform is treated as taxable income. If you are requesting help through GFM, also be aware that there can be delays in accessing the money.


These people are our own. Please do what you can.

If helping financially isn’t the right choice for you at this time, you can still help. Tip and rec the diary so it stays visible. Share on social media: Twitter, Facebook, whatever platform you use, to bring the attention of others outside our daily readers. And offer words of encouragement to people who are struggling. It can be scary to be struggling, and it can feel lonely. This can happen to any of us. Today it isn’t me in need. If it isn’t you, either, please see what you can do to help.

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