Brave 1.38 launches with improved Shields panel and De-AMP privacy feature





There’s a lot to unpack here, I’ll limit myself to your key sentences.

> AMP actually doesn’t even have anything to do with PCs, it only applies to mobile so it will affect really few people, like seriously, tell me when was the last time you got an AMP redirect to really care about it?


AMP 2.0 will be for PCs also. And on mobile, especially news outlets are using AMP, so it is not hard to run into an AMP link at all.

> Compare features from other major browsers to Brave and you will find the experience way worst with brave…


Well, Brave’s focus is not customization. If you want to heavily customize the UI, use Vivaldi or perhaps Firefox (with CSS tweaks). Brave’s focus is privacy protection on the web and introducing a privacy-preserving ad delivery mechanism (Brave Rewards).


> Some adblocking out of the box still inferior to an extension like uBlock or Adguard

I doubt it. When I still ran uBlock Origin here on Brave (you can do this, btw, if you really are unhappy with Brave’s adblocking), it didn’t block anything more than Brave Shields.

> Still no extensions store even if they say how against manifest v3 they are (…) So, Brave’s position about it won’t matter, they don’t even try to support other chromium extensions store like Opera or Microsoft.

Did you actually take a look at Opera’s and Microsoft’s stores? Those are ghost towns compared to the Chrome Web Store. So obviously having your own extension store is likely a failure going by experience. Plus, you can actually install CRX files from other sources as well, not just “official stores”.


Last but not least, what would you download from a hypothetical Brave Extension Store that you can’t already find on the Chrome Web Store? An adblocker? Brave has an adblocker, so that would be moot.

> they are only here for the money

They are for-profit, yes. I don’t begrudge them their profits if they can really succeed with a privacy-preserving ad delivery systems. Ad networks (main one being Google) are the cancer of the Internet, and collecting and processing user data is their business model. Hopefully Brave can be a part of stopping this. I think it is also important that they are financially self-sufficient and don’t just leech off search engine deals and are thus beholden to one benefactor, like Mozilla is.

> I used to use it for many years until I saw they are not focusing their browser so much on the user experience

They deliver in areas where they’ve promised to deliver, that is improving user privacy on the Internet and developing a privacy-preserving ad delivery mechanism. That’s it. Brave is not about UI customization, you have Vivaldi or Firefox for that.

And that they were only developing the crypto features and the sidebar recently like you claim, is not accurate at all. They have also introduced defenses against font & language fingerprinting, this D-AMP feature, they have dealt with Google Topics etc.

> They removed RT from their news sources

You make it look like they received some mean looks and immediately removed it out of fear, but that’s not accurate either. The EU has decided to ban all forms of RT broadcast. So they were legally obliged to remove it since they are doing business within the EU – if they hadn’t, I am sure there would have been consequences, since being part of a default selection of news sources most certainly counts as “broadcasting” RT.

It is what it is, there were legal reasons for the removal. If you want RT to be part of your default news sources, you can still add it back yourself. It’s just no longer part of the defaults for the reason mentioned.

> where people complain about them every single day and how they didn’t get the BATs

There is this common misunderstanding that when you select “Show me up to 10 ads per hour” in Brave, Brave is obliged to show you 10 ads per hour + the associated BAT, not any more or less. That’s not how it works. Brave analyzes your browsing locally and picks ads from a general list of ads (downloaded for all users). If your interests hardly match any of the ads, you can maybe be shown 1 – 2 ads per hour even if you selected “UP TO 10 ads per hour” (“up to” already implies that it can be less depending on your interests, in how far the y match with the ads). I think people are ignorant regarding how this works and are then complaining.

> Plus they still use AWS

As does half the Internet, hosting your own server-infrastructure is expensive too. How does this matter? Brave’s sync is end-to-end encrypted, Amazon is being used as a cheap storage provider.

> use another browser with better features like Opera offers with VPN and screenshots and adblocking out of the box as well, and workspaces and a useful sidebar etc etc

Opera is blatant spyware and got bought out by a Chinese company a few years ago. You may find some of Opera’s features neat, but from a privacy perspective, it is crap. They are likely collecting user data on their VPN (hardly more than a proxy) as well if their browser already does this too. I can recommend Opera to absolutely no one.

PS: If you want a halfway decent VPN:

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