Best Way to Make Money on the Internet?



What is the Best Way to Make Money on the Internet?


There are various reasons why people want to make money online. For some, being able to work from home with a flexible schedule is very appealing. Others see their chance in reaching a global market with a low startup cost. A number of methods to make money online don’t even require creating products or holding inventory. All you need is a well-working internet connection.


The Best Ways to Make Money Online

A huge plus is that there are so many ways to make money online. Anything from your own YouTube channel to Niche-E-commerce to writing a twin casino review and many more. The options are endless.



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Freelancing has always been popular and is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The Internet has several options. For example, if you’re a writer, teacher, administrative assistant, developer, graphic designer, etc., you can market these skills. There are several websites for each sector of freelance work offering tasks. To get job, there are two things you need to do. First, you have to create an account, browse through the listings, and apply for the task that suits you. You should also build out a strong portfolio since some websites require you to create a personal listing with the details of your skillset. That may mean doing some free work with some reputable mid-tier brands to start. The more personalized emails and applications you fill out, the more likely you´ll get a response back from interested clients who can contact you directly. And with a strong portfolio, you on the other hand can reach out to potential big clients to earn more money online. Of course, being a freelancer, you`ll only get paid once you have successfully completed the given task, and it has been approved by your client. Sometimes you may have to revise your work several times until you meet the client’s requirements. Since most clients prefer to make payments digitally via PayPal, you should set up an account.

Affiliate Marketing

You probably know that affiliate marketing is one of the oldest, easiest, and fastest ways to start an online business. It allows you to earn a living by promoting other brands. The way it works? To be an internet entrepreneur and a savvy marketer you’ll need your own web presence: website, social media platforms, blog, sales pages, landing pages, banner ads, or e-commerce site. But instead of having to worry about creating products or selling your own products, you earn a living by promoting other brands and selling for example retail products, software, and apps of other companies. You also don’t need to get your head around setting up payment and delivery systems or handling customer support. You just simply drive the traffic. This means getting potential clients to click over to the companies you are promoting as an affiliate. If a sale is made, you get a commission for your referral. To make as many sales as possible, you should pick a hot affiliate niche market with many potential customers: Look at social media to ID trends, and see what’s hot on sites like Amazon and CJ Affiliate. Then provide marketing messages and important content that are aimed at your prospects. Be prepared that earning a commission may seem small, but keep in mind that you can include several affiliate links on a single blog post. This way is an affiliate for several brands.

Selling on E-commerce giants

Selling online can be tedious if you intend to create your own website. There’s a lot of competition out there and a number of already existing online shops, which makes finding and creating a niche in terms of products difficult. Therefore, one of the quickest ways to get started selling online is to use the power of E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Millions of people regularly shop on these sites, and their growing number makes their powerful sales and marketing platforms. There is no need for you to build your own website because these sites make setting up a shop easy. A nice add-on is that you get to use the platform`s shopping cart. So that interested customers find your online shop and browse your products, you’ll have to find a built-in search feature. All in all, you spare yourself the hassle and expenses setting up independent webshop entails. Do you wonder about the advantages of Amazon, eBay, and Etsy?

Amazon: There are more than two million sellers, accounting for 40 percent of all sales. One of the benefits of Amazon is that you can even have them fulfill your orders. To boot, customers are more likely to buy your products there than from your own independent website because they already trust Amazon.

eBay: The way it works is very similar to Amazon. To sign up for a store, you have to become an eBay seller and have a trustworthy reputation by having made sure your PayPal account is verified. In order to sell your own products, you benefit from eBay`s good standing, a number of customers, and sales as well as marketing infrastructure. Even though you can list a specific price for your product, you might consider using eBay`s auction system which lets your potential buyers get into bidding wars thus driving up the price to sell your product.

Etsy: If you’re a crafts person, and have a penchant for embroidery, woodworking, pottery, or jewelry-making, Etsy is where you should set up your webshop. This portal, which is focused on handcrafted and unique one-of-a-kind items, has 1.5 million sellers around the world. You can set up your own online shop on Etsy’s site using all the advantages Etsy has in common with eBay and Amazon.

It applies to all three that you should present high-quality and clear pictures of your products on your webshop as well as very specific, detailed, and exact descriptions of them. It’s always good to be informed about what your competitors charge for an equivalent product, so you don’t out-price yourself. Even though have to pay fees for each item being sold on one of these portals ranging from $0.99 per item for Amazon, to $0.10 for eBay, to $0.20 for Etsy, all three sites are a great possibility and a fairly simple way to start making money on the internet.


There are a number of full-time bloggers who initially started blogging as a hobby or out of interest. So you can become one, too. There are two possible ways to start a blog: you can either create a blog through WordPress or Tumblr or go for a self-hosted blog. While the first two are for free you will have to pay an annual fee for the domain name and server hosting space of a self-hosted blog. For this, it offers you the advantage to customise elements and functionality and elements of your website whereas with WordPress or Tumblr you have to live with plug-ins and tools they provide. To get your blog becoming thriving and alive, you need to regularly fill it with valuable and appealing content. Only then will you be able to attract like-minded people. It’s all about making them interested in your niche information and products so they feel compelled to read on to find out more and end up buying either your products or the ones of affiliated webshops your posts are linked with. Another way of making your site attractive for Google`s search engine and generating higher rankings is to add informative articles, videos, etc. on a regular basis.

Niche E-commerce

For starters, don`t opt for products suitable for the masses. It’s bound to be competitive and over-saturated. Rather, focus on finding your niche and targeting a specific group of customers. Be aware that other retailers might be selling the same exact products as you. All the more reason to make sure your shop really stands out from the crowd by using unique and high-quality pictures and descriptions of your product. As for blogging, also for a niche webshop, fresh and relevant content is essential to appear high in the search engine rankings. Address your target group directly, telling them about your products and how they benefit from it. Write about yourself and how you came up with the idea of selling your specific products. This way you build up trust and credibility. One huge advantage of having a niche online shop is that you won’t be competing with E-commerce giants like Amazon or other major retailers like K-Mart. You also don’t need a warehouse or a logistics system to sell your goods. All you have to do is to pay close attention to social media feeds, the news, and bestsellers on eBay or Amazon to get an idea of which niche you want to fill in.

Own YouTube Channel

You don’t have to be a top YouTuber with millions of viewers to make money on this platform. Choose a topic that will interest a great number of people on any kind of category or subject. After you’ve set up your own YouTube channel, start filling it with videos. Even though the videos you upload should be high-quality ones, you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera, your smartphone will do for starters. Be sure that you upload videos consistently and regularly. They should contain entertaining and useful content such as unboxing (where you open a product for viewers), recipes, food and travel reviews, music videos, and comedy skits, just to name a few. When describing the content of your video to your followers, be as specific as possible. When they feel entertained or get the impression to be well-informed after having watched your e.g. tutorial, they`ll certainly come back to your site for more. To create a strong bond with them, answer their questions and comments, only then will you have a growing fan base. By allowing YouTube to include ads in your videos you start making actual money. When viewers click on an ad, you split the fee with Google. Which means The larger your fan base, the more clicks and views, the more revenue for you.

Selling E-books

E-readers have taken books to a new level. E-books account for 20% of all book sales in the U.S. Luckily, you don’t have to be a publisher to put up books for sale. If you have your own website, you can sell e-books directly from there. You simply have to upload your website or seller account on Amazon and start publicizing it on e.g., your blog, your website, or your social media platforms. How about not only selling public domain work but your own book? Just write an e-book, format it, publish it online and promote it. There are a number of ways to market e-books when you want to make money by selling them online. For example, you can give away an e-book for free for a few days. This helps you to get reviews as well as higher ranks in search results. You also rank better for paid listings.

Develop Apps

Almost everybody has a smartphone nowadays. Be it Android or an iPhone – it has apps. You`re looking at this potentially money-making idea and feel a bit stuck because you aren’t a professional programmer? Fortunately, there is a way: Simply hire people to create an app for you. The most important thing is having a flashing idea in the first place. As for hiring a developer to create an app for you, you can find affordable ones, e.g., on freelance platforms. To maximize your customer base, be sure your app will be running on both kinds of smartphones, Androids, and iPhones. The best way to make money with your app is to add it to Google Play and the App Store. Although it sounds contradictory, having a free app can even make you more money than a paid one. With a free app, you can add chargeable premium features or ads. Since free apps will usually attract a higher number of users, it`ll be easier to upsell them.

Conclusion – Options to make money on the internet are endless

There are so many jobs on the internet you can make money with. For some, you don’t have to invest money and you earn decent money fairly quickly such as freelancing. Others, like building your own webshop or starting a blog are more long-term investments but can end up paying well.

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