8 easy ways to save money while shopping online, according to a savings expert




Tips to Save Money Shopping Online


This is something you need to be doing whether shopping offline or online. Shopping online comes with the advantage of it being so convenient. It’s easier than ever to conduct comparison shopping while buying an item online because there are shopping aggregators and plugins that you can leverage. You can conduct a basic Google search and find all of the websites selling the exact item you’re wanting to purchase. This will give you a list of retailers selling the item and at what price. Likewise, you can even install third-party plugins for your browser. These plugins are designed to aggregate data from the Internet to tell you how much that item is at various retailers across the web. This can make comparison shopping as easy as clicking a button.



2. Using Discounted Gift Cards

Yamuna Gibson, a saving expert at e-commerce platform Wadav, tells Business Insider. “This is a money-saving trick that not enough people use.” If you know you will be purchasing something in the future, you can generally find ways to save a good 5 to 10 percent off the total purchase price with discounted gift cards. This generally requires a good amount of planning. After all, you won’t always be able to acquire a gift card from a specific retailer. Therefore, you’ll want to try to plan out larger purchases ahead of time. That way, you have a good idea of what gift card could save you money.

If you are looking to make a splash and you want to save on it, you can wait it out. Retailers will generally have big sales throughout the year that you can capitalize on. If you are looking to purchase a large and high-priced electronic, you can generally score massive savings during the holidays and at special “sale” events including Cyber Monday. You can also try to wait it out and track an item. There are plenty of tools that will track the price of an item for you. This way, if it reaches your threshold, you can get emailed or notified that its price has been lowered. An easy way to do this without any third-party tools is by leaving an item in your shopping cart or wish list. Generally, retailers will have automated emails sent out to customers to let them know an item they are interested in is cheaper.


4. Sign Up for Email Lists

This is an easy and effective way to save money for a lot of retailers. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for retailers both online and offline. Because of this, they will generally incentivize their customers to sign-up for their email marketing campaigns. As long as you are willing to exchange your email and contact information, you can generally save big on your first purchase with the company. In addition, you can get updated on any sales events they have throughout the year and get exclusive coupons they only deliver to those signed up.

If you want to score savings online, you must use a cashback site. A cashback site is simple. You start your search on a cashback site. This site sends referrals to the company’s websites. The company then pays the cashback site for referring you (the customer). From there, the cashback site will give you a portion they were paid for your purchase. This is a great way to save money shopping online because it requires no extra effort on your part and it doesn’t change your shopping experience. You simply need to visit the cashback portal/site first and start your shopping experience from it.

6. Find Promo and Coupon Codes

Your coupon search doesn’t have to end because you are shopping online. It’s easier than ever to find eligible coupons to use on your online purchases. You can use cashback sites, third-party coupon plugins, and other tools to find coupons that can save you money. If you are planning on making a purchase, you should always be searching for coupons that could save you money. You would be surprised to see how easy it can be to identify coupons that can save you big on your online purchases.

7. Leverage Your Credit Cards

Credit card providers want you to spend money. If you aren’t spending money, they aren’t making money. Because of this, they will generally look to supply their customers with incentives to spend more. They will do this in the form of cashback offers and direct offers from retailers. This is a win-win for the credit card company and the retailer. It gets you to spend money and it gets the retailer business. If you have a credit card with these offers, you want to be looking through the offers to try to find ways to save money at retailers you’re already shopping with.

8. Leave Items in Your Carts for Exclusive Offers

This is a hidden trick that not many know about. While this isn’t going to work for every online store, it’s a very effective way to save money for the e-commerce stores that use it. These retailers will generally have plugins that will automatically offer abandoned shopping carts coupons and other discounts to incentivize them to complete their purchase. If you ever plan on buying something and you don’t need it right away, it’s worth trying. If the retailer uses this method to increase shopping cart conversions, they will send you an exclusive offer to incentivize you to complete your purchase. It will save you money and they will complete their sale.

As you can tell, there is a multitude of ways to save money while shopping online. Leverage some of these tips the next time you go to purchase something. You will find yourself saving more money than ever before.

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