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If you need a special gift for a teenager in your life, it can seem impossible to know where to start. It can be tricky knowing just what exactly teens are into these days with so many options available.


However, if they’re a football fan, that makes matters easier as there are tonnes of gifts related to the sport that will go down a treat. Although there is so much out there, trawling the internet for the perfect gift can start to feel like a sport in itself. 

Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best quirky and unique available gifts.


Whether it’s a teenager who loves games, football accessories, clothing, or anything else, there are gifts to suit every budget.

Here are the 21 best football gifts for teenagers you can buy.


£10 and under

Chocolate boot

If you’re a chocolate lover, there’s nothing like being gifted it on a special occasion. This customisable football boot from Thornton’s is a brilliant present for football fans with a sweet tooth. You can add custom text in icing on this milk chocolate boot, adorned with white and dark chocolate details.


Get it from Thornton’s for £10.00

Football trainer belt

If you know a teenager who is starting to take football seriously and wants to refine their skills, this is the perfect piece of kit to do just that. It’s an adjustable training football belt worn around the waist to practise control of the ball. It’s made from a durable wetsuit material and can be used with any size 3-5 football.

M Rashford Book

After successfully campaigning for food vouchers for school children during the coronavirus pandemic, Marcus Rashford became an inspiration for many people. This book is an upbeat guide to achieving your dreams and being the best version of yourself you can be. Perfect for teenagers who love football.

Get it from Amazon for £4.99

England A4 Stationery Set


Show your support for the England national team with this stationery set which is perfect for doodling and writing. The set includes a ringed notebook, pencil case, two pencils, five coloured pencils, ruler, rubber and sharpener. It really is the complete set you will need.

Get it from Foco for £8.00

Football Stars game

Football Stars is a fun picture game to test your knowledge of football players worldwide. With a 100 card player list, it’s enough to keep you busy on a lazy Sunday or during long journeys. Each card has jumbled up letters that make up the player’s name, and after you’ve made your guess, you can slide open the answer to see if it was correct.

Get it from Amazon for £9.99


There’s nothing more annoying than having a football shoe full of mud and dirt after a kick-about with your friends. The easy to use Bootclaw helps to dislodge mud from the outsole and studs to keep your boots in good working order for the next game.

Get it from Amazon for £5.97

Illustrated Football Book

Illustrator David Squires, who most notably features in The Guardian, has created a visual history of football in this book. Featuring some of the famous names of the past and present, it’s a great insight into the inner dealings of the game we all love.

Get it at Amazon for £6.44

Football Bookmark

This football shirt bookmark can be completely personalised, from the number and name you choose on the shirt to the 24 available designs. The lucky teen won’t lose what page they were on for sure.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £10.00

PL Quiz Book

The Ultimate Premier League Quiz Book is for all ages and great for teenagers to brush up and learn more about the beautiful game. There are over 750 questions to test your knowledge of the top football league in England, and you could even compete with your family and friends.

Get it from Amazon for £5.99

Choco Box

These Heilemann milk chocolate treats come in shapes that are all things football-related. A referee’s whistle, football shirt, boots, a ball, and a player make up the collection which will undoubtedly go down as a hit present for football and chocolate lovers alike.

Get it from Amazon for £7.18

Zombie XI

Want a book with a fantasy twist to football? Zombie XI is precisely that, and the twist is zombies, of course. While playing near a nuclear power plant, weird energy passes through Leonard, who can suddenly see the ghostly visions of the 1966 England World Cup squad. Get your imagination going with this adventure tale.

Get it from Amazon for £8.50

Book - Furia

Bored of the same Young Adult books on your bookshelf? Furia is a book that can breathe life into it once again. The book follows a footballer who will have to sacrifice many things and juggle her priorities to make her dreams come true. It’s a book ultimately about a young girl grappling with trying to make her life what she would like it to be.

Get it at Amazon for £5.36

Dick Kerr Book

Kicking Off: Dick, Kerr Girls is a brilliant book that helps teenagers understand the forgotten legends of the earliest women’s Football Association team. It’s a fictional tale about a teen who signs up to work at the munitions factory, Dick, Kerr and Co. Soon after, she finds that her life changes through football.

Get it from Amazon for £6.55

Custom Print

Do you want to add a touch of your favourite sport to the home decor? If so, then these custom prints of football stadiums will do the job brilliantly. The minimalist style will blend into any wall, and the A4 size costs less than £10.

Get it from Not On The High Street for £9.95

£25 and under

Table Football

Have you ever wanted to own a table football game but had nowhere to put it? This mini, portable version is the perfect size to battle it out with family and friends for the table football crown. It comes with a scoreboard and a bright colourway of neon blue-green handles and players.

Get it from Prezzybox for £21.99


The worst thing is being out and about and having your phone battery drain quickly. Luckily you don’t have to fuss about finding an electric socket as this football shirt power bank will get your phone charged up anywhere. It’s personalisable from the font, text colours and shirt design to make it unique for any teenager.

Get it from Prezzybox for £24.99

Commentary Notes

There’s something special about football commentary in bringing football matches alive. Clive Tyldesley will be a familiar name for those who know their commentators. Now you can get a copy of his commentary notes, with a wide selection of games, including multiple domestic cup and Champions League finals.

Get it from Not on the High Street for £25.00

Kidodo pop up football goalposts 

Any aspiring football player is guaranteed to love these pop up portable goalposts. Not just for children, it comes with six targets for improving a player’s accuracy and precision with the ball.

Get it from Amazon for £20.99

No Budget

Football History Book

This A3 sized book is filled with full-colour newspaper pages heralding Manchester United’s most iconic moments dating over 100 years. It makes for a thoughtful gift that can be personalised with a nice label on the inside page at a later date.

Get it from Amazon for £39.99

Football Stadium Toy

There’s nothing like the feeling of going to watch your favourite team in person, especially at their home stadium. Why not bring home some of that magic with this stadium construction toy, allowing anyone to recreate a mini version of their own. There is an option for everyone, with stadium models available from Chelsea, Arsenal, Celtic, Wembley, etc.

Get it from Amazon for £59.99

Amazon Gift Card

If you’re still unsure what to gift, there’s always a simple Amazon gift voucher. You can choose to top up the card with any amount you wish.

Get it from Amazon from £25.00-£1,000.00

Looking for more of the best football gifts?

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